Dam / Creek / Bore Water

The quality of dam, creek and bore water can vary significantly eg pristine wilderness, farmland through to industrial contamination. Therefore, it’s important to start with a water analysis to determine contaminant levels. Bore water on your property may only be suitable for your garden, however it may also be suitable to refill your rainwater tank in a drought.

Common problems we find can include excessive minerals, odour, colour, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and parasites.

Common Problems & Associated Treatments:

Bacterial Contamination –

Bacteria is present anywhere that organic matter is breaking down. Even if the water looks, smells and tastes okay, bacteria can still be present. Read more >

Parasitic Contamination –

Animal droppings are the primary source of parasites in dam, creek and bore water. Giardia and cryptosporidium… Read more >

Water Hardness –

Do you experience difficulty getting soap to lather? Is there scale in your kettle? Are there white spots on glass surfaces? These are all signs of hard water. You may also experience the water flow to your home being reduced or your hot water system seemingly inefficient. Read more >

Sediment –

Sediment size ranges from large visible particles to particles that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  These particles can act as vehicles for other contaminants like parasites and bacteria. Colour in your water (eg iron) is usually caused by tiny sediment particles as well. Read more >

Colour & Odour –

Colouration in bore water can manifest as turbidity and is commonly caused by… Read more >