Tank Water Issues

Tank water which is collected off the roof through gutters and downpipes is open to various forms of contamination; from chemical pollutants in the city, through to leaves, dirt and bird, rat and possum faeces. In some areas bats and fruit trees over roof areas can pollute tank water very quickly. There are various methods [...]

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Town Water Issues

Town water originally comes from just about everywhere. Water authorities set up catchment areas that trap the water running above and through the ground. This then sits in large dams waiting to be used. Town water is known as a sterilised water source because before it is sent from the dams to us, it is [...]

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Dams, Creeks & Rivers

The contamination found in tank water can also be found in these source waters. Some additional contamination from ground minerals and ground surface pollutants may also be present. These vary widely and a water analysis is required before the water is used for specific purposes. Common problems: Hardness Minerals - iron and manganese, Tannin Colloidal [...]

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