Having been in the filtration business for 20 years, we’ve tried and tested many products. The range we currently work with has been handpicked and tested, so that we can ensure the best possible water quality to suit your needs.


Undersink Filtration – can be used to filter drinking water at a sink from any source. It’s a fixed system under your sink. Read More >

Reverse Osmosis Filtration – Reverse Osmosis filtration produces high quality water by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure.  Read More>

Countertop Filtration – can be used to filter drinking water at a sink from any source. It’s handy for those who want great tasting water but might be on the move. This system is easy to take with you wherever you go.  Read More >


Blackstone Filtration– These filters simply install on the incoming water line and are mounted in a convenient place outside your house for easy access and element replacement.  Read More >

Whole of House Filtration– Whole of House filtration can be fitted on all homes with any type of incoming water source. These filters ensure that no matter what the use for your water – it is clean and safe.  Read More>

UV Filtration– UV sterilisation is used to control bacteria, moulds, fungal spores, viruses, parasites and yeasts from a non-potable water source such as tank or bore water.  Read More>

Water Softener – Used for the control of hardness minerals, calcium and magnesium and also for iron and manganese removal.  Read More >


Cartridges – we stock a range of cartridges for the various systems listed above. Please contact us with your specific cartridge enquiry.


Total Water Solutions has significant experience in specialist filtration products.  Specific advice for your needs may include:

  • ozone treatment
  • fluoride removal
  • ionising
  • de-ionising
  • pH alkalising
  • mineral supplementation

Please contact us with your specific specialist enquiry.