K5 installedReverse osmosis water filters remove 90-99% of all contaminants from water, including excess inorganic minerals. It will remove much smaller contaminants than sediment filters and brings your water back to 100% pure rainwater quality.

Sediment, herbicides, pesticides, hardness minerals, chlorine, and fluoride will all be removed. The final stage of filtering removes and taste or odour residue. Other stages will re-balance the pH of your water, further sanitise, polish and ionise the water.

Reverse Osmosis is often recommended by Doctors and Naturopaths for people with compromised immunity who require pure drinking water.

The recommended filtration system will depend upon the intended use for your water, your water source and the quality of your incoming water. It is important that you get advice on the correct filtration for your home.

Please contact us in order to discuss your individual needs.