3 in 1 Whole of House smWhole of house filtration for tank and bore water, is usually a combination of filters based on the needs of your home.

An example may be that you would have a sediment filter in the first phase to eliminate sediment going into the rest of the system. This protects the rest of your filtration system by keeping it clean and provides longevity.

Our whole of house filtration systems then have a Blackstone silver carbon to remove colour, taste and odour. The final UV filter sterilises the water eliminating any bacteria, parasites, fungus, yeasts and viruses.

These filters are supplied on an aluminium stand with plumbing fittings and weatherproof cover.

The recommended filtration system will depend upon the intended use for your water, your water source and the quality of your incoming water. It is important that you get advice on the correct filtration for your home.

Please contact us in order to discuss your individual needs.