Water and what we think about it

Prolonged drought, water shortages and concerns for our health have changed forever the way Australians think about water; and no more so than in the fast growing area of South East Queensland . Not long ago we turned the tap and out came the water. If it looked clean and didn’t smell too bad we assumed it was okay.

But now people are asking questions.

Will we have enough water? Where does it come from? How safe is it to drink?

While governments wrestle with the sources and supply of water, business and industry want to know more about its suitability and how to use less of it. Householders want to know more about its quality and how to improve it.

That’s where we come in. Total Water Solutions is fast becoming Queensland ’s leading provider of a comprehensive range of advice, analytical and consulting services and products aimed at optimising the use of our most precious of resources.

Our website intends to answer some of the many questions you may have about water for your household or your business: questions concerning the problems of water from different sources and how we can help you to solve those problems.