Why Purify Water?
To answer this question it is important to know something about the qualities of water.

Water is like a magnet. When it comes into contact with other substances, it readily absorbs them. That means as rain water moves through our environment, it can pick up harmful substances which are then drawn into our water supply – for example air pollution or toxic chemicals in the ground. Without filtration, we end up drinking these substances and bathing in them.

Depending on the minerals it contains, water can also damage or cause corrosion to pipes and appliances.

Water quality is dictated by:

  • the occurrence of natural pollutants like minerals in the soil
  • intended additives – chlorine/fluoride; and
  • accidental additives – run off from mining or agricultural activities, leaching of surrounding soils or airborne pollutants

The science to analyse water problems and the technology for solving them have made rapid advances in recent times. So whether it’s domestic drinking & working water or industrial & commercial water, Total Water Solutions has the answers to water purification and efficiency in water usage.

Water comes into our homes from different sources – each having a unique set of characteristics.

Tank Water
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Town Water
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Dam/Creek/Rivers/Bore Water
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